A meeting place for MTU students who share a love of food!

Do you love food? Of course you do! Everyone loves food! This is the society for you.

In MTU Food Society, our mission is simple - bring together students who love eating, cooking, taking pictures of, thinking about, writing about, buying, sharing, and dreaming of food. We'll even talk about drinks from time to time!

This is a social society where students can get together to share ideas and recommendations about all things delicious. With events like market trips, guest speakers, workshops, and competitions - the aim is to have fun with food.

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MTU Food Society is a new society established November 2022. 


AGM time and location to be confirmed - all meeting information will be communicated by email.

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A meeting place for MTU students who share a love of food!

Committee Members
Chairperson:Caroline Hayes
Vice Secretary:David Barry
Treasurer:Jayne O Sullivan
First Year Representative:Resty Makinano
Ordinary Committee Member:Seán Keane
Ordinary Committee Member:Nell Mccarthy
Ordinary Committee Member:Sadhbh Bracken
Events Officer:Ciara Egan
December 9th
Cork Campus