A fun and safe space for LGBT+ students and allies alike

Support To provide a confidential forum for members to be themselves.

Social To engage in social activities to develop friendships.

Education To run information sessions to increase awareness of LGBT* issues.

Signposting To provide external support for members.

Inclusion Making members feel welcome to the Institute.

Tolerance Promote acceptance and understanding of all sexualities & gender identities



Found in 2001, are members trail blazed a place of acceptance for all members of the LGBT+ Community. This has been recognized in our numerous in-house and national awards!


MTU Societies Awards:

Most Improved Society - 2023

CIT Societies Awards:

Rísam Uile Award - 2020

Supreme Individual 2020 - Konrad Im

Society of the Year - 2019

Supreme Individual 2019 - Nuttawud Nutchnat

Best Fresher 2018 - Nuttawud Nutchnat

Best Small Event 2018 - "Mean Girls Prom"

Rísam Uile Award 2017 (in collaboration with the Irish Red Cross Society)

Best Fresher 2015 - Stephanie Fogarty

Most Improved Society 2010

Best New Society 2001

Most Improved Society 2001

Board of Irish Colleges Societies (BICS) Awards:

Best Society (Charity/Civic) (Small College)  - 2020

Best Society (Charity/Civic) (Small College)  - 2019

Best Fresher (Small College) - Stephanie Fogarty - 2015

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A fun and safe space for LGBT+ students and allies alike

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